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5 Star Level of Excellence Chapter


  • The High Country Chapter has been designated a 5 star level of excellence chapter.  This is the highest level of excellence.
  • The High Country Chapter is 1 of 58 chapters nationwide selected for the 5 star award.
  • The High Country Chapter is the only chapter selected from the North Carolina Council of Chapters.


From the MOAA Council and Chapter Handbook; Section II: Chapter Appendix J (On Line)

Each year, chapters may request to be recognized for one of two “Levels of Excellence”:

  • “5 Star” for the very, very best chapters: and
  • “4 Star” for chapters doing an above average job.

A standard set of rating criteria, which is included, will be used to evaluate ALL chapters.  Chapters accumulating at least 220 of the maximum 240 total possible points will be appropriately recognized as a “5” Star chapter; and chapters achieving between 200 and 219 points will be recognized as a “4” Star chapter.  ALL chapters qualifying for a particular “Level of Excellence” will be appropriately recognized and be given a special “Battle Streamer” in recognition of their selection.