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January 2021 BOD Meeting

A 501(c)19 Taxes Exempt Veterans Organization
Military Officers Association of America
Post Office Box 3312
Boone, NC 28607


Board of Directors Meeting
10 February 2021

  1. The Board of Directors meeting of the High Country Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America was conducted virtually utilizing the Zoom platform. Call to order by President Douglas May was at 1632.

  2. Directors attending:
    1. Douglas (Doug) May PhD, Capt, USMC (Fmr)(President)(Webmaster [['Zoom-master'])
    2. George Brudzinski LtCol, USMC (Ret)(Treasurer)
    3. Lance Campbell LTC, USA (Ret)(Secretary)
    4. Lem (Ted) Alley MAJ, USAFR (Ret)(Chair Program Committee)
    5. James (Jim) Fisher CAPT USN (Ret)(Chaplain)(Personal Affairs)
    6. Johnny (John) Alley COL, USAR (Ret)(1st Vice President)
    7. Mary (Frankie) Groff (Surviving Spouse Liaison)
    8. Robert (Bob) Love LT USN (Fmr)
    9. James (Jim) Walker Brig Gen, USMC (Ret)
    10. Frederick (Fred) Schmitt CAPT, USCG (Ret)(Immediate Past President)(Chair Nominating Committee)

  3. Board Members Absent:
    1. Benjamin (Ben) Covington COL, USA (Ret)(Chair Membership)
    2. Marvin (Marv) Williamsen PhD, MAJ, USAR (Ret)(Chair History)

  4. Quorum:Yes

  5. The Pledge of Allegiance was virtual at 1633 with the American flag displayed in President May's curated studio.

  6. A timely invocation was offered at 1641 by Jim Fisher - theme: 'Our God as a mentor and encourager'.

  7. Secretary's Report
  8. The Agenda, the Zoom invitation link, the Secretary's report, submitted by Lance, and the Treasurer's report, submitted by George, were sent electronically to the Board by Doug prior to the meeting.

    The 10 Feb 2021 BOD virtual meeting Secretary's Report was summarized by Lance with no revisions offered.

    1. The Secretary's report, as submitted, was approved unanimously.

  9. Treasurer's Report:

    1. Income/Expenses were itemized allowing a checking account balance of $14,658.30 as of 3 Mar 2021. Included was the operating budget itemizing revenue/expenses and budget/actual amounts. The report was accepted unanimously.

      1. George stated that the invoices for Chapter annual dues (Non-Life members) would be mailed ~1 March 2021.

      2. George had contacted the Blood Sweat & Gears organizers who were still unsure that the May 2021 event could be held this year. George offered to keep the BOD advised.

      3. An inquiry was made about WHS MCJROTC - Lance offered that he had casually discussed same with the WHS Principal who stated that an arrangement was in process to continue the program and that a retired USA Officer had been identified with details to develop.

  10. President's Remarks/Standing Business

    1. Doug offered that although Gov Cooper's latest statement relaxed some restrictions until further notice, it was prudent to believe that we will face ongoing restrictions jeopardizing in-person events.

    2. The website for local information regarding Covid vaccination:

      1. Both AppHealth (Watauga County Health Dept) and Appalachian Regional Healthcare System are conducting parallel vaccination efforts.

    3. Newsletter: Doug offered that he, Jim F. and Lance sent out electronically and USPS of our Feb 2021 Newsletter. This included a short survey and stamped HCCMOAA addressed return envelope. A random drawing of survey responders is planned for the 25 Mar 2021 Zoom 'Officers Call' with a $50 Peppers gift card as the prize.

      1. The question as to continued Newsletter as electronic only was tabled.

    4. Doug had forwarded the obituary notice for Ruth Covington. The family plans for a future memorial including West Point cemetery arrangements. Doug had recently spoken with Ben C.

    5. LTC Ed Groff's passing was documented in the latest issue of Military Officer. Frankie G. acknowledged.

    6. The issue of the request to remove Military service logos was discussed, Jim W. offered that, indeed, DOD is enforcing this restriction. MOAA had apparently asked for a variance which was denied

  11. New Business

    1. Next General Membership meeting:

      1. Ted, as Program Chair, asked about future events - either virtual or real time. 25 March 2021 continues to be the date for a virtual ‘Officers Call’/Membership meeting (including spouses). Further, Ted asked about a RSVP to a planned event to anticipate support. Memorial Day plans are to be determined.

      2. Discussion regarding a speaker for 25 Mar: George suggested David Jackson is unavailable. John A. Offered no return calls from Jennifer Greene (AppHealth Director). Lance offered Chuck Mantooth (ARHS CEO) unavailable. Fred offered to contact John Ward (Boone Town Mgr). Doug offered to contact Chris Kleman (ASU ROTC).

      3. George agreed to include a 'Save the Date' mention in the dues invoices. Doug stated he would send an electronic 'Save the Date'.

    2. Nomination Committee: - (2nd VP, Legislative Chair, and a Director-at-large positions open). Fred composed a compelling email to Jim Brannam inviting him to consider a position on the HCCMOAA BOD. Jim responded positively with a workable timeline ~Aug 2021. Fred subsequently sent Jim B. A copy of the HCCMOAA bylaws and a warm invite to join the 25 Mar Zoom Officers Call.

    3. History Committee: no report.

  12. Adjournment:At 1728 the meeting was adjourned by unanimous decision with next BOD Zoom meeting scheduled for 7 Apr 2021 at 1630.

  13. Respectfully submitted:

    Lance Campbell LTC,USA (Ret)