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A 501(c)19 Taxes Exempt Veterans Organization
Military Officers Association of America
Post Office Box 3312
Boone, NC 28607


Board of Directors Meeting
16 June 2021

  1. The Board of Directors meeting of the High Country Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America was conducted virtually utilizing the Zoom platform on 16 June 2021. The call to order by Past President Fred Schmitt, in absence of President Doug May, occurred at 1635.

  2. Directors attending:
    1. George Brudzinski LtCol, USMC (Ret)(Treasurer)
    2. Lance Campbell LTC, USA (Ret)(Secretary)
    3. James (Jim) Fisher CAPT USN (Ret)(Chaplain)(Personal Affairs)
    4. Marvin (Marv) Williamsen PhD, MAJ, USAR (Ret)(Chair History)
    5. Robert (Bob) Love LT USN (Fmr)
    6. Frederick (Fred) Schmitt CAPT, USCG (Ret)(Immediate Past President)(Chair Nominating Committee)

  3. Board Members Absent:
    1. Lem (Ted) Alley MAJ, USAFR (Ret)(Chair Program Committee)
    2. Douglas (Doug) May PhD, Capt, USMC (Fmr)(President)(Webmaster [['Zoom-master'])
    3. James (Jim) Walker Brig Gen, USMC (Ret)
    4. Mary (Frankie) Groff (Surviving Spouse Liaison)
    5. Benjamin (Ben) Covington COL, USA (Ret)(Chair Membership)

  4. Quorum:No (6)

  5. The Agenda and the Zoom invitation link were sent electronically to the Board by Fred prior to the meeting.

  6. The Pledge of Allegiance was virtual at 1636.

  7. The 5 May 2021 BOD virtual meeting Secretary's Report, previously submitted by Lance, was received by the Board.
    1. After a brief summary by Lance, the &339minutes' were accepted unanimously by the Board with no edits or comments.

  8. Treasurer's Report, previously submitted by George: Income/Expenses were itemized allowing a checking account balance of $16,544.53 as of 1 June 2021. Included was the operating budget itemizing revenue/expenses and budget/actual amounts. Balance reflects checking account interest and member dues.
    1. Strong follow up by George allowed a 100% response of 28/28 to the invoices for Chapter annual dues (Non-Life members).
    2. The Treasurer's report was accepted unanimously.

  9. Standing Business

    1. Although Gov Cooper's latest statement relaxed restrictions until further notice, it was prudent to believe that we may face ongoing restrictions jeopardizing in-person events.
      1. The 2021 Memorial Day remembrance ceremony was successfully conducted at the Boone Veterans Memorial on 31 May.
      2. Continuing success in managing Covid is encouraging for a return to Boone Mall for Veterans Day 2021.

    2. The BOD considered the nomination of Patsy Alley as interim Director. Ted had contacted Patsy who responded in the affirmative. The unanimous approval was passed as Fred submitted Ben's, Frankie's and Ted's proxy votes in favor.
      1. The appointment is until the annual membership meeting this fall at which time the entire BOD will be voted on. Ted will communicate this to Patsy.

    3. Program Committee
      1. The BOD agreed that an in-person event for the next general membership meeting was preferred - this is consistent with the survey of 2/2021 which indicated a preference for in-person vs virtual meetings. This is consistent with the lightly attended 25 March General Membership virtual meeting.
      2. Fred had discussed a possible Fairway Cafe (Boone Golf Club), opportunity with Elizabeth, from the Cafe, who indicated Thursday open dates in July/August.
      3. After discussion, the BOD decided upon 15 July as primary date with 29 July as backup. 1800 Cocktails; ~1830 Dinner catered by C/R.
      4. Upon Ted's confirmation with Elizabeth, the invitation will be forwarded to the membership.
          1. Fred suggested an early email from Doug to membership for our first in-person meeting in over a year.

    4. Jim F. agreed to construct a Newsletter giving membership a 'Save the Date' heads-up.

  10. Nomination Committee: - No report

  11. History Committee: - No report.

  12. Jim F. offered a benediction emphasizing peace and wisdom given the current world leader dialogue as well as encouragement for revitalization of HCCMOAA membership fellowship opportunities.

  13. Adjournment: At 1705 the meeting was adjourned by unanimous decision with next BOD Zoom meeting tentatively scheduled for 7 July 2021 at 1630 upon Doug's approval.

Respectfully submitted:

Lance Campbell LTC,USA (Ret)