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A 501(c)19 Taxes Exempt Veterans Organization
Military Officers Association of America
Post Office Box 3312
Boone, NC 28607


Board of Directors Meeting
3 May 2017

  1. The Board of Directors meeting for the High Country Military Officers Association, Inc. was called to order by CAPT Fred Schmitt, USCG, (RET), President of the Association, at 1725 at the Sagebrush Restaurant in Boone, North Carolina.

  2. Officers Present:
  3. LTC Ron Branch, USA                                      ROTC/JROTC Coordinator
    LtCol George Brudzinski, USMC                     Director
    COL Ben Covington, USA                                Membership
    CPT Nick Friedman, USA                                 Director
    LTC Dave Garvin, USA                                     Director
    LTC Ed Groff, USA                                           Treasurer, Public Relations
    LTC Mike Halus, USA                                      Personal Affairs
    Capt Doug May, Ph.D., USMC                         1st Vice President/ Web Master
    MAJ Dinah Pinney, USAF                                Treasurer
    CAPT Fred Schmitt, USCG                               President
    MAJ Marv Williamsen, Ph.D., USA                             Secretary

    Officers Absent:

    COL John Alley, USA                                         Director
    Maj James Bell, USMC                                       Chaplain
    MAJ Bob Gibbard, USA                                      Past President
    CAPT Chuck Rhodes, USN                                 2nd Vice President

  4. Approval of Minutes: MAJ Marv Williamsen, Secretary

  5. A motion of Approval for the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting on 5 April 2017 was approved.

  6. Treasurer's Report: MAJ Dinah Pinney, Treasurer

  7. Last Report (5 April 2017)
    1. Chapter Checking Account -    $15,722.91
    2. Chapter Scholarship Account -   $3,756.40
    3. Total -                                        $19,479.31

    4. Expenses (since last report):
      1. $500.00 Western Youth Network - Sonny Sweet Scholarship Fund.
      2. $100.00 SEANC District 3 (Golf Hole Sponsorship).

    5. Revenue (since last report):
      1. $466.00 Membership Dues 2017.
      2. Interest income from both accounts - $10.68 (Mar 2017).

    6. Treasurer's Note:
    7. Chapter Membership Dues 2017 - $1,260.00

  8. Old and Standing Business:

    1. Annual Fund Raising Event President Schmitt raised the question of the chapter's major fund raising event in recognition of change required by the loss (perhaps temporary) of access to the restaurant facility that hosted the highly successful PANCAKE BREAKFAST. Discussion ensued, no definitive action taken on the several useful ideas that board members presented.

    2. Veterans Memorial Update: Ben Covington reported on progress of reviewing extant design proposals for the MEMORIAL; a short list of 3 will be selected from the 6 surviving proposals.

    3. Veterans Memorial Funding Update: George Brudzinski reported there is cause for concern over financing collection. More participation by Board of Directors and the general membership is needed: additional new, creative ideas, renewed enthusiastic energy can help advance the fund gathering process. We all need to get behind this hugely important project that is so promising for the chapter, for veterans and for the High Country extended community.

    4. President Schmitt reminded Directors of the MOAA North Carolina Council's upcoming State Convention scheduled for September 7-10 at Williamsburg, VA. The venue is unusual and was agreed upon by the North Carolina Council after substantial discussion and deep consideration. It is a great location and total access to all of the nicely updated historical programs is included in the price. The business meeting is guaranteed to be blessedly brief, according to N C Council President Doug Ehrhardt.

    5. Funding Requests: Ron Branch introduced the issue of funding for reimbursement for ASU scholarships. Nick Friedman commented on the process now and in the past for funding requests from chapter members. President Schmitt and others referred to the existence of a standard form adopted previously which should be submitted for every proposal submitted to the Board of Directors.

    6. MOAA national headquarters has submitted the latest copy of retired officers residing in the region who are potential members for the High Country Chapter. We are asked to review the list for any possible personal connection/recognition which might be helpful for recruiting. Unfortunately this helpful idea that creates quite a list does not seem to have been as productive as we might hope. But please have a look.

    7. Memorial Day Observance, Monday May 29, 2017 KEY PLANNING ISSUES AND DESIGNATED RESPONSIBILITIES:
    8. A functionally directed discussion was led by President Schmitt of key missions and responsibilities for the High Country's major Memorial Day event. The Memorial Day commemoration has become a noteworthy and significant public event that unifies citizens during an affective patriotic gathering. Members of the Board of Directors play key voluntary roles coordinating with civic and military organizations, civic political leaders and all veterans' organizations. Each officer plays a key role in producing an effective, successful ceremony that is highly meaningful to veterans, their families and patriotic civilians. The High Country Chapter's activists have established enviable relations with those organizations and individuals who gladly cooperate to support the Memorial Day Event, highlighting MOAA's civic presence in the process. The essence of success in past years has been the performance of the Boone Community Band, and their willingness to dedicate substantial time and creative energy to this MOAA event; this in part a tribute to the respect and appreciation of MOAA leaders given in past years. MEMORIAL DAY in Boone is a moving, respected, appreciated civic success thanks to the voluntary dedication of, especially, the chapter President and the members of the Board of Directors.

  9. Other/New Business:

    1. MAJ Gibbard presented a $150.00 check he secured from the local State Employees Association of North Carolina for the Veterans Memorial project.

    2. The question of appropriate procedure for processing requests for chapter financial support was raised. General discussion produced a reminder by several board members that a request form was developed in the recent past. The form should be utilized for every request, providing for an open and fair consideration of all requests. A motion was approved to provide funding for scholarships as authorized in previous years.

  10. Adjournment:  There being no further business, the Board of Directors meeting of the High Country Military Officers Association, Inc. was adjourned at 1830 to meet again on 3 May 2017 or at the call of the President.

Submitted By:

Thomas Marvin Williamsen

Thomas Marvin Williamsen,
MAJ, USA (Ret)
Rising Chapter Secretary