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A 501(c)19 Taxes Exempt Veterans Organization
Military Officers Association of America
Post Office Box 3312
Boone, NC 28607


Board of Directors Meeting
4 April 2018

  1. The Board of Directors meeting for the High Country Military Officers Association, Inc. was called to order by CAPT Fred Schmitt, USCG, (RET), President of the Association, at 1725 at the Sagebrush Restaurant in Boone, North Carolina.

    The Board Meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

  2. Officers Present:
  3. COL John Alley, USA                                       Director
    MAJ Ted Alley, USAF                                      Director
    LTC Ron Branch, USA                                      Director, ROTC/JROTC Coordinator
    LtCol George Brudzinski, USMC                     Director
    COL Ben Covington, USA                                Director, Membership
    MAJ Bob Gibbard, USA                                    Past President
    LTC Ed Groff, USA                                           Treasurer, Public Relations
    Capt Doug May, Ph.D., USMC                         1st Vice President/ Web Master
    MAJ Dinah Pinney, USAF                                Director
    CAPT Fred Schmitt, USCG                               President
    CDR Jim Tabor, USN                                         Director
    MAJ Marv Williamsen, Ph.D., USA                  Secretary

    Officers Absent:

    CAPT Chuck Rhodes, USN                               2nd Vice President

  4. Introduction of Very Special Guest:

  5. The Honorable Shirley B. Randleman, North Carolina General Assembly Senate. Senator Randleman was the invited guest of COL Ben Covington. She expressed her long term interest and sponsorship of North Carolina veterans' interests. Growing up in a military family provides Senator Randleman with deeper understanding of many military issues and concerns.

  6. Approval of Minutes:

  7. A motion of Approval for the minutes of the March 2018 Board of Directors meeting was unanimously approved.

  8. Treasurer's Report: LTC Ed Groff, Treasurer

  9. Account status as of 04 April 2018

    1. Chapter Checking Account -      $8,939.27

    2. Expenses (since last report):
      1. $96.00 - Fee for Chapter P.O. Box.

    3. Revenue (since last report):
      1. $400.00 - 10 ea. Pancake Breakfast Tickets from the following members:
        Thomas, Brudzinski, Scott, Graham, and Groff.
      2. $22.00 - 2018 Dues - Charles E. McCartney Jr.
      3. $100.00 - Advertisements for Breakfast placemats: Jeri Graham and Dreamvacations.
      4. $50.00 - Scholarship fund donation from charles McCartney.

    4. Notes:
      Treasurer reported that twenty two members have yet to pay 2018 dues. President Schmitt asked that Board members be copied with electronic notifications of "payments due" in order to facilitate friendly reminders. Treasurer's report unanimously accepted.

  10. Old and Standing Business:

    1. Veterans Memorial Project: COL Covington reported on the emerging development of a program for the opening ceremony scheduled for July 4, 2018. LtCol Brudzinski reported that ground has been broken at construction site, detailed and finite materials lists for the several construction phases are more or less complete. We remain $22,000 short of our $165,000 goal. Great appreciation is due the Town of Boone for across the board cooperation and support.

    2. Pancake Breakfast Fund Raiser: Saturday, April 7, Applebee's Restaurant: LTC Branch and LtCol Brudzinski reported on plans and coordination with Applebee's. Volunteers (Cooking crew, servers, greeters and ticket collectors) should arrive at 0700 hours, and park away from restaurant's front entrance. This is the 6th Annual Pancake Breakfast.

    3. Memorial Day Ceremony, Monday May 28, 2018 CAPT Schmitt reported on coordination with civic organizations who provide cooperative service for this significant public event. The Boone Community Band, authorities at the Boone Mall, the Cove Creek Community Center and Freedom Farm (chairs), as well as the local chapter of the American Legion are all on board and committed to this year's ceremony. MOAA volunteers should arrive at the mall at 0930 hours to begin setting up display tables and placing 400 chairs.

  11. New Business:

    1. Quarterly High Country Chapter Meeting: Planning for the Spring Quarterly Meeting is necessary. CAPT Schmitt requested the 1st Vice President Capt Doug May to begin the research process for venue location and advisable time frame.

    2. Blood Sweat and Gears planning report: LtCol Brudzinski reported that preparations for the Chapter's support for the Wounded Warrior contingent of cyclists is nearly complete for the June 22-23 100 mile ride. The remaining problem to be solved is identifying a restaurant able to supply breakfast at 0500 hours on race day.

    3. Levels of Excellence Award Submission: CAPT Schmitt has completed a draft of this year's award application. The document will be posted by email to all Board members so that suggestions and editing recommendations can be returned to Fred ASAP. Submission deadline is May 1, 2018. Please give the award submission your serious attention.

    4. Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Scholarship: LTC Ron Branch reported on coordination with LtCol Jerry Harper regarding this year's scholarship awards. The Board accepted the recommendation that this year the amount of $1,000 will be provided for two scholarships.

  12. Announcements
    1. The next Board of Directors meeting will be held on 2 May 2018.

    2. LtCol Brudzinski announced that the Boone Chamber of Commerce will stage an EXPO at the Boone Mall on May 2nd from 1000 to 1600 hours. The High Country Chapter will sponsor a table there and use the opportunity to promote the Veterans Memorial.

    3. COL Ben Covington will develop proposals for two new conceptions under discussion previously: 1) a proposal for a Women's Auxiliary unit and 2) a formal suggestion for format and guidelines for biographical sketches for all Chapter members.

  13. Adjournment:  There being no further business, the Board of Directors meeting of the High Country Military Officers Association, Inc. was adjourned at 1823 to meet again on 2 May 2018 or at the call of the President.

Submitted By:

Marvin Williamsen

T. Marvin Williamsen,
Chapter Secretary