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A 501(c)19 Taxes Exempt Veterans Organization
Military Officers Association of America
Post Office Box 3312
Boone, NC 28607


Board of Directors Meeting
4 January 2017

  1. The Board of Directors meeting for the High Country Military Officers Association, Inc. was called to order by CAPT Fred Schmitt, USCG, (RET), President of the Association, at 1725 at the Sagebrush Restaurant in Boone, North Carolina.

  2. Officers Present:
  3. COL John Alley, USA                                       Director
    LTC Ron Branch, USA                                      ROTC/JROTC Coordinator
    LtCol George Brudzinski, USMC                     Director
    COL Ben Covington, USA                                Membership
    CPT Nick Friedman, USA                                 Director
    LTC Dave Garvin, USA                                     Secretary
    MAJ Bob Gibbard, USA                                    Past President
    LTC Mike Halus, USA                                      Personal Affairs
    Capt Doug May, Ph.D., USMC                         Assistant Secretary/ Web Master
    MAJ Dinah Pinney, USAF                                Treasurer
    CAPT Fred Schmitt, USCG                               President

  4. Officers Absent:
  5. Maj James Bell, USMC                                     Chaplain
    LTC Ed Groff, USA                                           Public Relations

  6. Approval of Minutes: LTC Dave Garvin, Secretary

  7. The approval of the minutes of the December Board of Directors meeting was tabled until the February meeting. The December minutes were not available.

  8. Treasurer's Report: MAJ Dinah Pinney, Treasurer

    1. Administrative Account -    $15,464.11
    2. Scholarship Account -           $3,661.57
    3. Total Cash On Hand -         $19,125.68

    4. Actions:

      1. Revenue:

        1. $60.00 received from attendees at the Holiday Party and Dinner.
        2. $82.00 received from Strikes for Troops fund raising event.

      2. Expenses:

        1. $31.86 to Marriott Hotel for additional Holiday Party Expenses.
        2. $57.54 to MAJ Bob Gibbard. Reimbursement for ASU Heroes Day expenses.
        3. $195.00 to Marriott Hotel for additional Holiday Party Expenses.

      3. Strikes for Troops total amount raised: $2,224.65.

      4. Holiday Dinner costs: $2,185.34. Collected from dinner attendees: $1,620 "Out of Pocket" Chapter expense: $565.00.

      5. A note was received from the 1451st Transportation Company thanking the Chapter for the gift cards at Christmas.

  9. Old Business:

    1. Upon receipt of the official roster from MOAA National, the secretary will prepare the annual retention report for the High Country Chapter.

    2. Preparation for the annual 5 Star Excellence Award submission has begun. The secretary will provide the dates rosters were submitted and dates officers' rosters were updated. Chapter members are asked to provide appropriate photographs and newspaper articles.

    3. Veterans Memorial:
      1. Several queries have been received pertaining to the design competition.
      2. COL Ben Covington has been asked the brief the Kiwanis Club.

    4. 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President Vacancies:
      1. The President, CAPT Schmitt, appointed a nominating committee for these two vacant positions. The committee members are; CAPT Schmitt; MAJ Gibbard; and LTC Branch.
      2. Candidate names will be placed before the next quarterly General Membership meeting.
      3. Interest in the positions of Secretary and Treasurer will be solicited from the general membership.

  10. New Business:

    1. The secretary was asked to send a mailing to all members with the current Chapter roster and a copy of the literature pertaining to the annual Council convention. This year the convention will be in Williamsburg, Virginia.

    2. The next quarterly meeting of the North Carolina Council of Chapters will be March 17 & 18. The secretary will prepare the quarterly report for the Chapter.

    3. High Country Chapter General Membership Meeting:

      1. The next Chapter general membership meeting is scheduled for 25 March 2017 at the Fairway Café in Boone.
      2. Cost per attendee will be approximately $30.
      3. David Jackson, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, will be the guest speaker.

    4. Annual Pancake Breakfast Fund Raiser: Due to an inability to locate a location for this event, this event cannot be scheduled at this time.

  11. Adjournment:  There being no further business, the Board of Directors meeting of the High Country Military Officers Association, Inc. was adjourned at 1815 to meet again on 1 February 2017 or at the call of the President.

Submitted By:

David W. Garvin

David W. Garvin,
LTC, USA (Ret)
Chapter Secretary