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A 501(c)19 Taxes Exempt Veterans Organization
Military Officers Association of America
Post Office Box 3312
Boone, NC 28607


Board of Directors Meeting
6 September 2017

  1. The Board of Directors meeting for the High Country Military Officers Association, Inc. was called to order by CAPT Fred Schmitt, USCG, (RET), President of the Association, at 1720 at the Sagebrush Restaurant in Boone, North Carolina.

    The Board Meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

  2. Officers Present:
  3. COL John Alley, USA                                       Director
    LTC Ron Branch, USA                                      ROTC/JROTC Coordinator
    LtCol George Brudzinski, USMC                     Director
    COL Ben Covington, USA                                Membership
    MAJ Bob Gibbard, USA                                    Past President
    LTC Ed Groff, USA                                           Treasurer, Public Relations
    LTC Mike Halus, USA                                      Personal Affairs
    Capt Doug May, Ph.D., USMC                         1st Vice President/ Web Master
    MAJ Dinah Pinney, USAF                                Treasurer
    CAPT Chuck Rhodes, USN                               2nd Vice President
    CAPT Fred Schmitt, USCG                               President
    MAJ Marv Williamsen, Ph.D., USA                  Secretary

    Officers Absent:

    CPT Nick Friedman, USA                                 Director

  4. Approval of Minutes: MAJ Marv Williamsen, Secretary

  5. A motion of Approval for the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting on 2 August 2017 was put forward and seconded by several Board members; motion was unanimously approved.

  6. Treasurer's Report: LTC Ed Groff, Treasurer

  7. Accounts status as of 06 September 2017
    1. Chapter Checking Account -    $14,556.12
    2. Chapter Scholarship Account -   $3,308.65
    3. Total -                                        $17,864.77

    4. Expenses (since last report):
      1. $1,360.00 - Casa Rustica Catering - Qtr mtg & dinner.
      2. $350.00 - Cash for cash drawer - Qtr mtg & 50/50 raffle.

    5. Revenue (since last report):
      1. $210.00 - Reimbursements for Chamber Annual Mtg & Dinner.
      2. $140.00 - Reimbursements for Chamber Annual Mtg & Dinner.
      3. $1,140.00 - Reimbursements for Chapter Qtr Mtg & Dinner.
      4. $350.00 - Reimbursement for cash drawer - Qtr Mtg.
      5. $49.00 - Proceeds from 50/50 raffle.
      6. $30.00 - Reimbursements for Chapter Annual Mtg & Dinner.
      7. $9.68 - Interest income from both accounts.

  8. Old and Standing Business:

    1. Veterans Memorial Update: Col Covington reported that a final meeting of principals was held today, September 6th at which details were finalized. The public, formal announcement of the finalist and the successful design will take place at the Boone Town Hall on Tuesday, 12 September at 1:00 p.m. Everyone is invited to attend.

    2. Funding Discussion: LtCol Brudzinski, Chair, Fund Raising Committee, reported that the committee was scheduled to meet with ALL regional town leaders in search of support for the Veterans Memorial project; this strategy therefore includes Blowing Rock, Banner Elk, Seven Devils and all other incorporated polities, whether they are located in Watauga or contiguous counties. All are High Country regional communities who will benefit from the Memorial and their erstwhile support is needed. Brudzinski has secured the commitment of Mr. David Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of the Boone Chamber of Commerce, will push for a percentage donation from businesses not included in the Downtown Boone confederation. At the General Membership Meeting of the High Country Chapter on August 25th, Mr. Jackson presented a Chamber of Commerce check for $1,000 in support of the Memorial.

    3. United States Congresswoman Virginia Foxx Veterans Information Session: was held on Friday, 11 August at the National Guard Armory in Boone. CAPT Schmitt and LTC Groff represented the High Country Chapter. COL Alley participated with the Purple Heart Awardees present. Board discussion developed of methods which might be utilized to promote awareness of MOAA among area veteran officers.

    4. HOUND EARS GOLF CLUB UPDATE: The golf event for veterans at the Hound Ears course will be held on 20 September, beginning at 9:30 a.m. Twenty-five veterans can participate. Pre-registration at the club is necessary, and can be accomplished by telephone. This is the third year for this Veterans Appreciation event at the club.

  9. New Business:

    1. STRIKES FOR TROOPS FUNDRAISING EVENT UPDATE: MAJ Gibbard reported that the bowling alley has been reserved for 5 November. The event is scheduled to begin at 2:00 p.m. Planning details will be presented at the October Board of Directors meeting.

    2. RECRUITING TASK FORCE: MAJ Williamsen introduced COL Covington for a succinct review of the various recruiting strategies and methods employed in past years. Currently the Task Force enjoys the voluntary commitments of John Alley, Ted Alley, Ben Covington, Ed Groff, Marv Williamsen. A general discussion developed with a wide range of ideas suggested by Board members for actions that might be productive. The Task Force will meet this fall to consider prospects and develop an organized and sustainable recruiting program. The High Country Chapter confronts the same difficulties of other chapters in other rural communities remote from both military installations and urban metropolitan populations. Creative proposals, schemes and pitches are the order of the day.

    3. BOARD OF DIRECTORS VACANCIES: LTC Halus and CPT Friedman will leave the Board in the immediate future. Board members are asked to consider appropriate recommendations for new members to be presented to the chapter president.

    4. PRELIMINARY PLANNING FOR RESUMPTION OF PANCAKE BREAKFAST FUND RAISING EVENT: CAPT Schmitt announced that Mr. David Buchanan, owner of BBQ BURGERS AND BREWS has volunteered his restaurant as host for the event. Resumption of the breakfast on the 3rd week end in March was the popular suggestions of several members. CAPT Schmitt will communicate with Mr. Buchanan.

    5. NEW IDEAS FOR THE CHAPTER'S CONSIDERATION: Several Board members had suggestions for the Board's consideration. 1.) biographical vignettes of all members for posting on the HCC web site, 2.) organized meet and greet activities that would encourage members to get to know each other, 3) a woman's/spousal auxiliary organization to encourage participation by members' better halves.

  10. Adjournment:  There being no further business, the Board of Directors meeting of the High Country Military Officers Association, Inc. was adjourned at 1830 to meet again on 4 October 2017 or at the call of the President.

Submitted By:

Thomas Marvin Williamsen

Thomas Marvin Williamsen,
MAJ, USA (Ret)
Chapter Secretary