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A 501(c)19 Taxes Exempt Veterans Organization
Military Officers Association of America
Post Office Box 3312
Boone, NC 28607


Board of Directors Meeting
7 March 2018

  1. The Board of Directors meeting for the High Country Military Officers Association, Inc. was called to order by CAPT Fred Schmitt, USCG, (RET), President of the Association, at 1725 at the Sagebrush Restaurant in Boone, North Carolina.

    The Board Meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

  2. Officers Present:
  3. COL John Alley, USA                                       Director
    MAJ Ted Alley, USAF                                      Director
    LTC Ron Branch, USA                                      Director, ROTC/JROTC Coordinator
    LtCol George Brudzinski, USMC                     Director
    MAJ Bob Gibbard, USA                                    Past President
    LTC Ed Groff, USA                                           Treasurer, Public Relations
    MAJ Dinah Pinney, USAF                                Director
    CAPT Chuck Rhodes, USN                               2nd Vice President
    CAPT Fred Schmitt, USCG                               President
    MAJ Marv Williamsen, Ph.D., USA                  Secretary

    Officers Absent:

    COL Ben Covington, USA                                Director, Membership
    Capt Doug May, Ph.D., USMC                         1st Vice President/ Web Master
    CDR Jim Tabor, USN                                         Director

  4. Approval of Minutes:

  5. A motion of Approval for the minutes of the February 2018 Board of Directors meeting was unanimously approved.

  6. Secretary's Report: MAJ Marv Williamsen, Secretary
  7. Re: USAA-MOAA grant proposal, four ideas for focus are 1) Veterans Memorial Project, 2) Memorial Day or Veterans Day Public Events, 3)Blood, Sweat and Gears support, 4) Wounded Warrior Event.
    Re: Recruitment Task Force, Task Force will meet next week to begin deliberations.
    Re: MOAA Council/Chapter Committee Module, peculiar title designates an innovation for building and maintaining chapter rosters. It is a unique database that can be manipulated by two authorized individuals in each chapter. Eventually the High Country Chapter Secretary will complete updating our roster.
    Re: Fund Raising, Following LtCol Brudzinski's encouragement at our last meeting I have canvassed ten local establishments in search of Place Mat donations and identified three companies for donations to the Veterans Memorial.

  8. Treasurer's Report: LTC Ed Groff, Treasurer

  9. Account status as of 07 March 2018

    1. Chapter Checking Account -      $8,463.27

    2. Expenses (since last report):
      1. $67.25 - SOS Printing.
      2. $130.22 - T.M. Williamsen; Frames for Awards.
      3. $46.00 - Watauga Cty Veterans Memorial from 50-50.
      4. $500.00 - App Ski Mt Patrol Ski - wounded warriors.

    3. Revenue (since last report):
      1. $15.00 - Electronic funds transfer from National.
      2. $154.00 - 2018 Dues 7 members.
      3. $5.17 - Interest income on checking account.

    4. Note: The treasurer provided a report on current dues payments.

  10. President's Remarks: Included with Old and Standing Business Discussions.

  11. Old and Standing Business:

    1. Veterans Memorial Update: CAPT Schmitt delivered a detailed and comprehensive report on construction plans, including design specifications, materials and the complex interplay with sculptor accomplishments to date, completion of a superlative engineering design by Ioncon Engineering, and exacting coordination with the Boone Town Manager and associated officials. The project provides continuous excitement for all the planners as we move into the actual construction phase. Board members engaged in an extensive question and answer session that included ideas for supplementary issues, such as that of named bricks which might be sold for fund generation. LtCol Brudzinski commented on current status of funding efforts for the Memorial.

    2. Pancake Breakfast Fund Raising Event (April 7, 2018): LTC Branch and LtCol Brudzinski reported that chapter activity at present is focused on securing donors for the place mats and selling guest tickets. On April 7th chapter volunteers will report to Applebee's at 0730 hours to organize and get started with cooking, dining room preparations and arrangements for greeting arrivals and collecting money at the door.

    3. Memorial Day Ceremony, Monday, May 28, 2018: CAPT Schmitt reminded the Board that volunteers are needed to set up 400 chairs and distribute programs and other materials. Program plans evolve, including questions of appropriate guest speakers, a return of the American Legion FLAG FOLDING demonstration and explication. Coordination with Boone Mall, with the Watauga Community Band and the Junior ROTC Color Guard has been accomplished. The collection and delivery of chairs from Cove Creek will unfold as before, without glitch.

  12. New Business:

    1. Report on North Carolina Council of Chapters Meeting held February 22-23 in Salisbury, NC: CAPT Schmitt attended the quarterly session. The new President of the Council, CAPT David Lee (USNR, ret'd) presented novel ideas for inducing greater interaction between North Carolina chapters. He intends to facilitate greater sharing among MOAA members of useful ideas like BEST PRACTICES and UNIQUE INITIATIVES emerging at Chapter level. Fred learned that MOAA will implement a program that automatically assigns new members to their nearest local chapter, which seems like a positive improvement that might help recruiting efforts.

    2. The visit of MOAA President, General Atkins has been rescheduled. General Atkins will visit the Triangle Chapter on March 14th. An email announcement has been sent to all chapter members, notifying that reservations must be made by March 9.

    3. Blood, Sweat and Gears Preliminary Planning: LtCol Brudzinski briefed the Board on preliminary plans and conundrums. Dinner plans for this year's contingent of disabled bikers are solid: Casa Rustica will again provide the meal. As discussed previously the usual breakfast arrangement will no longer be possible, due to the closing of the participating restaurant. A new venue has yet to be discovered. The Board discussed a variety of ideas. Arrangements have yet to be made.

    4. LEVELS OF EXCELLENCE AWARD SUBMISSION: CAPT Schmitt reminded Board members that input is needed from everyone. The submission needs to include ALL significant Chapter involvement with community projects. Include any and all activities. Fred and Doug May will edit as appropriate.

  13. Other Business
  14. Brief discussions developed on the topics of financial solicitations for the VETERANS MEMORIAL at Memorial Day Ceremony and Combat Related Disability programs and applications. Board members had both questions and experiences to share. A table will be set up at the Memorial Day Ceremony to encourage and accept donations.

  15. Adjournment:  There being no further business, the Board of Directors meeting of the High Country Military Officers Association, Inc. was adjourned at 1831 to meet again on 4 April 2018 or at the call of the President.

Submitted By:

Marvin Williamsen

T. Marvin Williamsen,
Chapter Secretary