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Requesting Charitable Funds from the HCCMOAA

The High Country Chapter of the MOAA allows members to request Charitable Funds to be donated on behalf of the chapter. In order to assure equitable distribution of our limited resources we have devised a reasonable means of requesting these funds. The process is administered by the Charitable Donation Review Committee with the procedures for requesting the funds shown below:

  • Provide a process to review and prioritize requests for donations to other organizations or individuals which meet the eligibility criteria listed below and to make recommendations to the Board for approval
  • Committee will work in conjunction with the Secretary/Treasurer to track allocation vs expenditure
  • Membership shall consist of a minimum of three members appointed by the President of which a majority must recommend approval to be favorably considered by the board
  • If only two members are present, both must recommend approval
  • Agencies, organizations or individuals requesting a financial donation by HCCMOAA must fill out the attached "Request for Funds" form and submit it through a MOAA member for consideration
  • The member will provide the form to the Committee for consideration
  • The Committee will review requests quarterly (Mar, Jun, Sep and Dec) or more often as necessary and provide a recommendation to the Board for approval
Criteria for reviewing and recommending fund request
  • Benefit to a Veteran or the Veteran Community
  • Benefit to HCCMOAA
  • Benefit to the local community
  • Consistent with appropriate MOAA values and IRS guidelines

If you would like to request these funds please download and print the Charitable Funds Request Form, fill it out send the completed form to:

High Country Chapter MOAA
PO Box 3312
Boone, NC 28607-3312

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact one of the Board members.